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Tribute to David Bowie:
the patron saint of me+the outsiders.

1/11/16: none of my words, pictures, nothing will suffice. everything is a freudian mess.long story short—i was him / he was me, end of story. its a damned shame it took dying for me to remember that. i can't say that about anyone. his death yanked me up by my roots and slammed me back down to earth. everything i thought was buried, uprooted again. i usually keep my roots buried + i dont' want to feel this. but bowie meant so much to me. especially back in my golden years, you can imagine what he meant to a kid like me. a 10 year old boy who's resume included: being a legal alien from casablanca, moving to the strange land of america when bullying was quality entertainment. as was personal branding, kids called me "the little nigger boy". news alert! i'm white. maybe the jet-black hair and olive skin confused them,and if that wasn't enough, this little nigger contracted a hideous fucking disease while in morocco. polio, now obvious to classmates from the required braces. do i know what it means to be an alien? ooooooh man. was i "afraid of americans"? ooooh yeah. was i "the young american african?" yep. "all the way from washington"(dc) my landing strip to the usa, left feeling "this is not america" it's not now,that's for damn sure. his poetry continued to resonate up through my 40's in nyc with "my little china girl"friend to the present day demons of lazarus,

i just deleted about 12 pages. normally i can write. not this. this is too personal for me. i'm too close to it
.too revealing for a permanent indexinng. i leave it to your imagination. that's more fun anyway.

that serindipitous soundtrack of my life! it was meaningful! from spending an entire summer in the hospital at age 10 to my little china girl–lfriend in manhattan at age 40. dealing with the same struggles, the same sense of wonder, joy,creativity and fear of the great unknown, the unproven. the big universe out there.i felt this dude, like no other singer of my generation. i will never forget that saturday morning as a kid. breakfast. american bandstand first. immediatrely followed by the sooooul traaaaain! a childhood ritual. and here he comes. strutting the stage and throwing down with "fame". i mean he was pimp!!! and the brothers did-deeply-dig. from that moment on i was a devotee.

i understood then. at age ten. there's more to this guy. this dude is an artist.bettwer yet a humble artist. anyone with the gift of creative vision? when they're humble about it? their process, their success? i just love that. just that fact alone, thats a rare breed. i've had 10 minutes and i know how it feeds your head, you feel cocky, ready to kick more ass.but his persona i admired and tried to fashion myself accordingly
, "the humble elitist". like me he just appears aloof. keyword=appears. such a public misconception. soooo freakin' wrong. people that are private, maybe a little shy?¿? thats all it is dumbfuxx! and for those shy people that are cultured or stylish? they're really fucked. i'm not sure how he handled all that. in my teens and 20's people thought i was gay. heh. androgenous prettyboy yes. but ask any xgirlfriend. i am sooo not gay. but when enough people say it, you are thereby branded by the massess. so then ¿ wtf–2do. me, i proclaimed the masses as asses and did my thing.

above image©frank ford / the "hideaway" series: a collection of imagery previously unpublished.

bowie was there. with me. every step of the way from age 10 to this moment. hence my headline "the saint of me". my story is personal. and shame on my inner–awareness — i forgot just how personal until january 11 my reaction was equally shocking — i don't do stuff like this. not even when robert raushenberg passed away in 2008. i didn't take a single note that day. email or talk to anyone about that loss. he's always been my #1 influential artist. (and i'm still trying to bury him) 

above image©frank ford / the "hideaway" series: a collection of imagery previously unpublished. violators prosecuted and/or persecuted. i love this shot. it feels like the tonite record. since january 11th i have wore the grooves out of "tonite" and "let's dance". don't know why i latched onto those 2 in particular. perfect poetry for this moment i guess.

as strange as it sounds thank god i did have bowie singing my anthems / even if he was my imaginary friend / he was the only one i had for a while. virtual soulmate is more like it. he supplied the soundtrack to my "suspense movie" of a life / and it seemed to always be timely and serendipitous. its so bizarre how our life events and experiences ran so concurrently. too weird to even a superfan? no. his student? yes. his therapy patient? yes. his artist in residence? for sure.  

thats about all i want to say publicly. even that little bit was probably too much. i could easily go no-stop-nutz with another 500 pages of my life story with virtual soulmate david bowie as foil character, the ups, the downs, the fear, the success, the stress, the mess i made. all the while his anthems stored in the rom chip inside my head, (his words to live by. words to paint by) poetry running concurrently in my turning world. i learned a lot from this guy. one lesson i'm employing now — "living the deep life is fulfilling. but there's no need to show it or tell everything.roger that bro / on with the post >

all images and text © copyrights of frank ford. pirate + die mo fo.
above image©frank ford / the "hideaway" series: a collection of imagery previously unpublished. violators prosecuted and/or persecuted.

social media post published at on 1/11 (apparently an anti social media post)
i thought my tribute was complete but my post fell on deaf ears. i got pissed. pissed at myself for not posting at the wrong venue. i was compelled to write it within minutes of waking to the cbs morning news lead–in report, on january 11th. i banged out over a thousand words within 5 minutes and posted my immediate reaction, pronto. like a reporter from rollingstone. i'm not sure why i reacted like that. editing this 3 weeks later and i still don't. i've never done such a "fan" thing, i am very anti-pop-culture but this is the fucking man! dead? i didn't even know he was sick! i'm glued to the tube, sketchbook in hand, half that day goes by with 17 reads? i said screw this and moved it here asap. below is my original post from that miserable monday of 1/11/16. just 17 reads / 3 replies. but damn good replies. substantial spontaneous replies from 3 people i had not heard from in years. further proof for my theory — bowie fans are united in spirit, a kindred defacto a confluence of commonality between them speaks volumes to intellect, taste, education and ultural refinement. i've also called it call "the bowie chemical " and the "bluegene" — a shared experience that allows for fast–friends. 

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<post headline>
"a blast from my past / it put me on my ass, for more than a minute or 2 today"

the passing of a creative force, david bowie +his swansong? video.

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if you grew up when rock and roll was king and sex couldn't kill you? if you had david bowie posters on your bedroom walls when you were in high school? if you swapped bowie records and stories with your friends like me and my pal derbonne?-you're taken back. bigtime. in my high school if you as much as wore a bowie tshirt? you were premanentyl branded as a freak. this one kid in our school hank, he even shaved his eyebrows off in honor of his hero. if you were blown away that saturday morning when he pimped across the soul train stage, with much respect from his brothers. wow. you're as taken-back as i am this morning on the news of bowies' passing. what an inspirational force he was to us. all through college too, long after he invented the genre of art rock. when we all wanted our mtv! giving us the visual delight of music videos like "modern love", "china girl", etc. mtv wore the surface-coatings off of that film! this guy was so ahead of it's time, we all know how treacherous that can be. in my glory days, being a bowie fan was practically a requirement for any serious artist. if you didn't have commitment to craft like bowie? his balls of steel? his ability to just put it all out there on public display? heh, good luck, chances were you weren't going to be too much of an artist. a forward-thinker always, a man with true vision with the ability to inspire others - that's a rare pedigree. one who could inspire the kids who took the road less travelled. validate them and their chosen path.

it will all be said today, by much more important people than me. i just want to add one potentially fresh comment. you'll have to watch the youtube version of the video he wrapped just 3 days ago to appreciate what i've got to say. bowies swan song - "lazarus" lays it out there. literally. one last time, on his death-bed, for all to see. a swansong to end all swansongs: { imagine the guts required to film your last days. } isn't it strange how we humans become open to the notion of heaven when times get tough? his message in the video from friday gives me goosebumps. it made me stop and smell my few little thorny roses that's for sure. it forces the question - why does it take the passing of someone famous for us to stop, pause and reflect on the big stuff in life? a major loss of an inspiring force. the man that taught us all "we can be heroes if just for one day". like everything else, we don't know what we've got until it's gone. rest in peace starman. your fan. your student. frank ford image above: a photograph i took from the steps of robert rauschenberg's studio. never published. i knew i was saving it for some reason, for something special like this. one thing he said that i'll never forget:

 "creating music is like searching for god." / he nailed the entire ambiguous creative process in 7 words. as a fan of succintness that's amazing. 

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from linda powledge / art director extrordinaire / atlanta

kinda find it hard to believe that i am the lone cool peep in your linkedin fan club. i just think linkedin is a suckful platform for artistic expression. too bad because i've really enjoyed reading what you've had to say. and i'll miss seeing them. and i liked your post because, like you, i am utterly shattered by this surprise news.
david bowie's music was the cornerstone of my rebellious, goth, glam rock, androgynous, teenaged years. my first concert, my first solo drive with a driver's license, even my first serious make-out session was to david bowie. in high school i scored a dj gig at a college radio station (ucsd) mainly because no right minded college student wanted the responsibility of a 10pm–2am friday night shift. and david bowie was my go to. i even got complaints for playing his music too much. tomorrow i'm going to wake up knowing david bowie is gone. and that really bums me out. also bums me out to know you won't be posting any more. hope you find another venue and let me know where to find it.fuck linkedin.

i heart knowing
there are kindred souls in the universe. this day has wrecked me. but also brought me closer to old friends. guess i can count you as one of them. i still have the christmas ornament (a shiny santa) you brought to a tree trimming party i threw a million years ago. you commented on a "dr suess then and now" poster from the la jolla museum of art i had framed in the hallway. an exhibition of his work i went to in the 80's.even though we haven't talked in ages, i haven't forgotten. and i wish you very well in the next chapter of your creative life. my record collection was stolen from my storage unit in 1994. and all of my vinyl collected from my formative, college dj years is gone. but i happened to have a small box of david bowie 45's in my closet which didn't get knicked. if i only had a turntable to play them on!

editorial comment: linda blew me away with those notes and others (via instant messaging) although not spoken, i was impacted by her words. it was so awesome to not feel so alone during this news. it was a weird week for me. my reaction. pulling up the roots. getting so involved in documenting. i've never had such a visceral reaction to an artists passing. not even my main-man robert raushchenburg and i'm still trying to bury him (his overwhelming influence). soon after linda pops in michael jaeger with words that felt like an award—

from michael jager / former supervisor + mentor / solidarity of unbridled labour / burlington
frank, hello! hello! 2016 / welcome to the new now! wonderful to see your voice and thank you for your shared sentiments and heart felt insights on true creative hero david. your thoughts we’re pure of heart, respectful of his art and his decades of resonating positive and relentless impact on the world, its ideas and ideals. i too felt the respect and loss to the core. i too was the kid who lovingly painted lightening bolts across my jean jacket to wave the bowie flag others feared so. frank it’s great to know you are still creating, inspiring and making a positive presence felt in the world. and thank you for your kind note and thoughts on our time explored in the creative cloud of jdk well, be inspired. create fearlessly! time is waiting in the wings! peace/posi/people/16 “nothing is a mistake. there’s no win and no fail. there’s only make”

from cary di christina / phenom writer + digital storyteller / atlanta
(i had just emailed him regarding "this is not america") >oh man that song from falcon and snowman is so haunting. that thing was ringing in my ears for months. stupid orion pictures. no sleep last night. found bowie doc on showtime. his 2013 doc by bbc entitled five years. they talked to his collaborators, producers, etc. great stuff if you can find it online. very insightful. now have a long list of songs to purchase. bowie and morricone quickly becoming the background music while i ghost your piece. finally read thebowie post.have been adding to my bowie library (until now just heathen) weird how when I truly succumbed to my creative journey bowie was there. even more telling as I continue to add his work (and indoctrinate my kids) I realize how many of his songs have permeated the background of my life. even more surprised at how long this mourning period has lasted. few creative deaths have lasated this long.





creating art, design, architecture–similar to what david bowie said:
it's also like searching for god. the final image you see may seem
like a piece of cake. truth is, it never is.more goes into projects
than meets they eye. for instance, my favorite job in the office is
logo design.i love the challenge they present—designing a succesful
one is skill and good fortune. they are ellusive little bastards.
like finding your way through a go through an exhaustive
search,assembling relevant aeshtetic puzzle pieces to symbolize
a company in a 1/4" inkspot.

my secret to designing a succesful logo? carry it around in your
head for a few weeks before picking up a pencil.marinating on the
company, the objective and the message are how my award-winners
came about.

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